Best Grammarly Alternatives

The 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives to Help You Write Better

Grammarly—a tool that corrects your writing mistakes and helps you create clear, well-written documents—is the most popular English grammar checker tool on the market today. But its $29/month price tag isn’t affordable to everyone. Thankfully, there are many best Grammarly alternatives out there that are free or much cheaper than the original tool itself. Read on to learn more about them!

Best Grammarly Alternatives

Best Grammarly Alternatives (Apps and Web)

1) Ginger

Ginger is among the best Grammarly alternatives because it offers many of the same features, including grammar and spell checking, punctuation correction, and sentence rephrasing. Plus, it has a handy translation feature that can come in handy if you’re writing for an international audience.

Best of all, it’s free! If you need something more robust than Ginger, there are some good options out there. WordSmith is one such option; it’s comparable to Grammarly in terms of its offerings but costs $39.99 per year for the service or $4.99 per month. It also does not offer a word count function as Google Docs does, so this might be something worth considering if that’s something you need from your editing software as well.

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2) Hemingway App

If you want a more sophisticated writing tool, Hemingway App is a great alternative to Grammarly. It goes beyond grammar checking and can help you improve your writing style. The app highlights adverbs, passive voice, and complex phrases so you can edit your work for clarity. Plus, it has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus to help you choose the perfect word every time.

And when you’re ready to publish your work, it even generates citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago formats—no additional research required! You’ll never regret downloading this app; not only will it help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, but also give you better insight into your own writing habits. Want to try it out? Download the free version today and upgrade when you feel like an extra push toward perfection.

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3) ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the best grammar checker tools on the market. It goes beyond simple grammar checking and offers an in-depth analysis of your writing. Plus, it has a great interface and is very user-friendly. To use this tool, you simply paste your text into the field and press check. There are two options for what kind of errors you want the app to point out – 1) Errors 2) Errors + suggestions.

The first option will tell you if there are any grammatical mistakes in your sentence while the second option will give you advice on how to fix them. If you’re not sure which option is better for you, try using both until you find what works best for you!

There are also other features that ProWritingAid has that can help improve your writing such as vocabulary checks and spell checks as well as personalized coaching modules! All these features make this app worth downloading! One thing I love about ProWritingAid is that they have a blog with articles on various topics related to writing. They also have quizzes and an online course available for purchase.

Another awesome feature about this app is that you can download a free trial version so if you’re looking for an alternative to Grammarly but don’t want to spend any money, this might be a perfect choice! The main downside of ProWritingAid? There are only three language versions (English, Spanish, and French). But hey, at least it still has more than one language option! So don’t hesitate to download this app now and get started improving your writing skills today! This you can consider among the best Grammarly alternatives.

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4) PaperRater

PaperRater is a great grammar checker for those who want something simple and free. Just paste your text into the app and it will scan for any errors. Plus, PaperRater can also help improve your writing style and catch plagiarism. All you have to do is select Plagiarism Scan from the menu and enter a sentence of your own work that you think may be copied.

It will then compare it with all other texts in its database and report back on whether or not there are any matches. PaperRater’s search function can also come in handy if you’re looking for synonyms or antonyms as well as words related to what you’ve typed. If you are curious and search must about your favorite subject so Reddit is the place to go, but there are a few best alternatives to Reddit that you can check out.

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5) OnlineCorrection

OnlineCorrection is a great grammar checker that can help you identify and fix errors in your writing. It’s available as a web app and as a Chrome extension, so it’s easy to use no matter where you’re writing. Plus, it’s free! In addition to being able to find grammatical errors, OnlineCorrection also identifies wordy sentences, unnecessary repetition, spelling mistakes, missing words, and more. It checks for plagiarism too!

Not only does it have a built-in thesaurus and sentence structure suggestions for improving your writing but it also flags when phrases are similar to something else you’ve written before or when another person has already used those words or phrases. This handy tool not only finds mistakes but also offers solutions for fixing them. And best of all? The service is completely free! So there’s really no excuse not to make use of this invaluable resource next time you write an essay or need some help proofreading a paper before submitting it.

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After trying out a few different grammar checker apps, we’ve compiled a list of the five Best Grammarly Alternatives. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable option or one with more features, there’s sure to be an app on this list that meets your needs. So go ahead and download any of these grammar checkers today and make your writing better!

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