Top 10 Best Free Calling Apps for Android to Make Free Calls

In this article, we are sharing best free calling apps for android. Free calling apps are those apps that help you to call your loved ones with the help of the internet , mostly free.

Free calling apps are gaining more popularity and hence many organizations are developing such apps.Nowadays, most of the social networking apps incorporate these feature within them.

So look at your phones why you are paying separate bills for your phone I mean one for mobile recharge and another one for internet.

So you can make free calls by the help of internet without paying a dime. There are lots of apps to make free messaging, voice calling and video calling. You can also use popular social networking apps to make free calls and extend messages. You can even make international calls using these Android apps.

These Android apps will let you make a video, audio chat and offers many more features. You can also make group calls with this these Android apps. Here is the list of Best Free Calling App for Android.

Best Free Calling AppS for Android 2017

Google Voice

Google Voice- Best Free Calling App

Google Voice is one of the best products by Google Inc and this is used to make free voice calls, send messages and video calls.

You can make free international calls through this app. When Google create or develop anything it tries to create dominance over competitors.This app is very easy to use.You can use your existing Gmail account for using this app. It is my favorite android app to make free calls.


Nimbuzz is also a great social networking app which is mostly used to send messages to your loved ones and friends. Apart from that, you can also make free video calls and voice calls with this app.

There are more than 100 million subscribers using this app and it is available for all platforms. Nimbuzz is one of the oldest social networking apps with excellent features. You have to sign up for this app in order to use it.

Features of Nimbuzz:

  • Free video calling and voice calling
  • Share video, images and audio files with your connections

Skype – Best Free Calling App

Skype is the well known widely used free calling application for Android and PC. You can make free video calls and voice calls using this app. You have to sign up for this app in order to use it.Means you just have to be the member/subscriber of the app.

There is no limit to the calls and you can only make calls to your contact list members. You have to pay in order to make calls to landline phones. You can also chat with your friends using this app.

Viber – Free Calling App

Viber is also a new free call application for android which is increasing its popularity day by day. You can make voice calls, video calls and send text messages to your friends. You can even share multimedia files and video messages through this app. You can even send smiley and even more things on this app. This app is very easy to use and free.

Line -Top Free Calling App

Line is also new free call android application for making free voice call and video calls. This app is getting establishing day by day and there are millions of people already using this app.

You can also share photos, videos, and audio with your friends. You can make international calls for free without paying a dime.

Line – Features

  • Make voice call, video calls and text messaging
  • Very easy to use with friendly User interface.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app is the most widely used social networking app with more than 300 million worldwide. You can send messages, videos, and photos using this free android app.

You just have to sign up for this app in order to use this app. You can also make a free voice call and video calls using this ultimate app. If you are using it then no other reason to use another free calling app. You can also send your current location using this app and you can record videos using this app.

Tango-Best Free Calling App

Tango is also an ultimate free call application for android using this app user can make free calls and video calls. You can also do group chat using this android app with user limit of 50 peoples.

Tango works with all the internet connections.With Tango app, you can also play games with your friends. You can share text messages, photos and videos using this android app

Fring – Best Free Calling App

Fring is also most popular free calling Android app to make free calls on Android phones. You can easily use this android free calling app with great user experience. You can make any formats of calls using this app, You can even make SMS, video call and group calls using this android app. You can make calls up to 4 peoples in this group.

Fring App – Features

  • Free SMS, Free Calls, Video Chat and many
  • Can Call to 4 people at a time using this app.
  • Can make free calls worldwide through this app.
  • Ultimate user interface


Nanu is best free calling app which is getting popular day by day. It is totally different from other free calling apps for android. This is totally unique from other apps and you can make free calls using this android app with slow internet connection. Even if you had 2G internet connections then you can make free call apart from 3G and 4G internet.

Few More Best Free Calling Apps for Android


Yahoo Messenger


Paltalk Video Chat


These are the 10 Best Free Calling Apps for Android which are well known and extensively used. If you have any suggestions regarding this article you can share your feedback in the comments section below.If you have any queries or confusions regarding this guide then you can ask it through comments below or send us a mail.We will reply to you within 24hours.

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