4 Methods to Bypass Online Surveys for free 2017

In this article, we are sharing best 4 methods to bypass annoying online surveys which kill your precious time.

Bypass Online Surveys to Download a File

It is really annoying while surfing the internet to download a file you get redirected to some online surveys.Since people do not have other options but to access the file or download the file, they end up in completing these surveys most of the time.

This experience mostly happens on the websites which offer useful files, download links or any precious information.

This is a clear waste of time and really irritating to fill personal details and other valuable information to unknown websites.

As you know, the real useful things are locked by the website owner to get some clicks and by that, they will earn some money.

Why Bypass Online Surveys?

Most of the online surveys are just to capture your personal details and interests.These captured personal details will be utilized later to promote various products online.

If you want to keep your online privacy and want to escape from spam It is better to get rid taking these surveys.Also, time is so precious for all and most of us prefer just to stick out of that annoying things.

For safe and smooth internet experience and to save our valuable time, we have to somehow bypass these online surveys.

Here we have listed some best methods to bypass online surveys for free.You can follow those steps to get rid of these online surveys for free without any problem.

There are popular survey sites like Fileice, Clean files, and Dollar Upload and here we are sharing various steps to bypass these online survey sites.There are many other sites also which deals on surveys.

Methods to Bypass Online Surveys

1. Websites to Bypass Online Surveys (Survey Bypass & Survey Remover Online)

Surveybypass.com / Bypasssurvey.com

Surveybypass.com is an established website and genuine online tool to bypass online survey without any hassle.

By surfing through Survey bypass website you can bypass the online surveys within seconds and it is easy to use.

Paste your required site URL in the url box given on this site surveybypass.com.Bypass Online Surveys for free-surveybypass-com.jpg

After entering your site URL in  Survey bypass home page as seen above,  Click Go button.

Now It blocks all the online surveys and you can surf your site without much disturbance.


Surveyremover.com is another popular website where in you can easily bypass all online surveys.It bypasses online surveys easily and makes your surfing fast as like the surveybypass.com.

If you do a further search, you can find out some other similar websites also to bypass online surveys

2. Software to Bypass Online Surveys

This is an ultimate software to bypass surveys easily and it is mainly used to bypass Surveycash survey without any hassle.

This is completely free to use and works properly. Surveys can be removed just in seconds using this software
.I personally recommend you to use this software to bypass online surveys.

3. Browser Extension to Bypass Online Surveys

There are also some browser extensions available that will also help you to bypass online surveys.Extensions are there for different browsers to bypass online surveys.

In order to bypass online surveys, You just have to install these browser extensions in your respective internet browsers.This seems to be the best option since you do not need to navigate through other websites.

Firefox Extension

If you are Firefox user then you can use Redirect by-passer extension to bypass online surveys and it helps you to easily bypass online surveys.It filters your web page by passing online surveys.

Google Chrome Extension

There are many extensions available for Google Chrome to bypass online surveys in Google Chrome.Check out them.

4. Bypass Surveys Online With Best Survey Remover Tool

All in One Survey Bypass Tool

This is the best method to bypass online surveys easily without any hassle. This tool is ultimate and works on all the sites. You can bypass all surveys easily and it can be any surveys like Surveycash and much more. You can easily bypass online survey using this tool.

Some other best tools used to bypass online surveys.

Survey Smasher

Surveys Remover

Survey Bypass

Sharecash Survey Killer 2016

Survey Remover Tool


Hope this article was helpful to you in bypassing the online surveys while surfing the internet.Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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